Thu, Oct

Azutura sees jump in home wallart demand

Durham-based wallart printer Azutura, which slashed the prices for its wall murals and stickers by half due to a fall-off in business just before the UK lockdown, is again running at full capacity due to a surge in demand.
“We saw a massive dip in demand from schools and business settings, but during lockdown people have obviously been looking for something to do in the home and we’re seeing a huge jump in demand from the residential market,” said the company’s artist liaison, David Atkinson, who confirmed Azutura’s HP latex 210, 315 and two 570 printers are again running flat out. “We started working with artists at the end of 2019 to be able to reproduce their work on wall murals and stickers, but only officially launched the full range from over 100 artists, designers, illustrators and photographers at the start of 2020, so we’re relieved to see demand coming back, even though it’s a different set of customers from what we had before the coronavirus hit,” said Atkinson.

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