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Agfa introduces the Avinci CX3200 dye-sub printer

New from Agfa is the Avinci CX3200 dye-sublimation roll-to-roll printer that can print either directly to textile or on transfer paper. It can handle prints of up to 3.2m wide at a production speed of up to 270m²/h.

The machine is equipped with Kyocera printheads and uses eco-friendly, odourless, water-based inks. A pre-heater limits drying time and reduces set-off and an offline calendar fixes the colours post print.

Agfa said loading a new roll can be done in less than seven minutes by a single operator, thanks to the automatic media transport with pinch rollers. A vacuum ensures thin transfer papers are kept wrinkle-free.

The Avinci CX3200 is driven by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, which streamlines preparation, production and finishing steps and handles colour consistency and ink consumption. Asanti also has a options that facilitate soft signage production, such as the automated positioning of cutting marks and grommets etc.

With Asanti StoreFront, Agfa’s Web-to-print software offering, soft signage PSPs can manage incoming Web orders.

Philip Van der Auwera, wide-format marketing manager at Agfa, said: “The market demand for soft signage keeps growing, as it is lightweight, resistant to wrinkles and folding, and easy to transport and reuse. The Avinci CX3200 will meet the needs of existing textile printing companies, as well as enable sign ad display printers to diverge into textile printing and bring in new business. We designed it to be fit for high productivity and maximum uptime. It is extremely robust and reliable, as well as easy to operate.”

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