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Solvent ink cartridge recycling from Colorific

Solvent ink cartridge recycling from Colorific

A solvent ink cartridge recycling initiative called Colorgreen is being offered by Colorific.

To participate in the free programme you need to register online at www.colorgreen.co.uk and Colorific will send you a box for your empty cartridges. When it's full just log on again and request a collection. This may take a few days as couriers only collect when scheduled to be in the area to reduce the carbon footprint on the project. The cartridges, dependent on their condition, are then either recycled for secondary use, or broken down for use in the production of new products.

Whilst the aim of the scheme is to keep solvent ink and associated hazardous waste out of landfill, Colorific can also recycle other non-solvent inks.?


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